F&M Technologies Design Process


Chartering / Discovery Session

Following to the Chartering Session, the design team kicks off the “wireframing” and “branding” step. The wireframing exercise is analogous to creating a blue-print of the website in terms of the site’s architecture. This includes establishing the site-maps, and the navigation sequence in relation to the goals set during the chartering session. This is done independent of colors and branding, so as not to cause any distractions pertaining to look and feel, while the functionality is flushed out.

The branding exercise, often done in parallel, is conducted to establish the overall guidance on colors, imagery, design and stock photography. This helps set the aesthetics/ creative side of the website and at the same time allows the team to establish a good understanding about look and feel.

The combination of the two exercises serves as an important accomplishment to create mock-ups. Conducting this step before the mock-up step allows for proper focus on design and functionality independent of each other. It also allows for the mock-up phase to go on a much more expedited basis.


Based on the above two steps, F&M Technologies produces mock-ups that meet the goals as defined in the chartering session, while conforming to the branding requirements and meeting the required functionality. F&M Technologies considers this as an iterative process and allows for customer flexibility. It is our belief that customers will often (not always) discover what they want when they see the complete design.

Quality Assurance Testing:

We operate with the mindset that quality is everyone’s responsibility. Our QA team is highly trained on contemporary software quality testing tools and techniques. With deep experience in testing Enterprise applications, Web Applications and Mobile Apps our teams are well experienced with all top Manual and Automation tools.

F&M Technologies ensures that your software:

  • Meets the requirements
  • Works as expected
  • Satisfies the needs of stakeholders

F&M Technologies combines manual and automated testing to provide the most efficient and effective QA Test process. Our experience with multi-environments, platforms, and devices allow us to identify and develop scripts to automate the test process.

F&M Technologies has a comprehensive process of preparing Test strategies. We strive to understand your product, identify areas of risk and mitigate risk with a methodological approach to testing each phase of the product to ensure your software is production ready.

Our team is highly aware of the positive correlation between project quality, and customer satisfaction. In our endeavor to deliver flawless solutions, we have incorporated highly competitive Quality Assurance processes and personnel in place. The Quality Assurance department at F&M Technologies ensures that compliance with established requirements, standards, and procedures is consistently checked through performance monitoring, product evaluation, audits, and testing.

We conduct thorough testing of all the work we produce for our customers. We also perform testing of independently created code, as long as we are able to capture use case scenarios, database definitions/ dictionary and business description of the application.

We utilize various approaches during testing, including:

  • Black-box
  • White-box
  • Regression Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing


The first technology revolution was focused on getting everyone online and connected. Now that most of the world is accessing the internet through multiple devices, including mobile, the next internet and technology revolution will be a continuation of the transformation that traditional retail, media and entertainment businesses have witnessed in recent years. Businesses will continue to be disrupted by products and entrepreneurs who will apply technology to transform, simplify and automate business processes. Technology-enabled businesses represent a sizable clientele for us at F&M Technologies

Customer Experience:

F&M Technologies works with the following types of implementations in the technology-enabled business industry:

  • Cloud-based
  • Mobile and Web-based
  • Services Oriented Architectures
  • Business Process Automation
  • Big Data
  • Secure
  • Highly Scalable

Process & Methodology:

All projects go through the F&M Technologies SDLC process, involving:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • User Interface Design/ Usability
  • Development
  • Testing and Quality AssuranceM
  • Deployment & Training
  • Maintenance

Iterative Development The F&M Technologies Iterative Development aims to achieve specific goals :

  • Increase customer involvement
  • Enhance the team’s ownership of the project
  • Improve planning and prioritization of features
  • Build flexibility and adaptation to change
  • Improve transparency and tracking of progress

F&M Technologies has developed a unique approach utilizing leading-edge practices that overcome the challenges of the industry-wide traditional methodologies. The F&M Technologies SDLC Methodology is a value-driven methodology, tailored to meet client’s expectations and provide a faster return on investment. F&M Technologies approaches all problems and challenges with a systemic, technically sound, and agile approach. Every task is comprehensively analyzed from various perspectives; leading to success of each project through optimal allocation and utilization of resources.


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