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Customers can find these answers by either browsing the knowledge base manually or by using Helpjuice’s intelligent search capabilities. Anyway, Helpjuice focuses specifically on enabling users to create a fully-customizable knowledge base to be used by both internal employees and their customers. Such customization allows users to tailor the look and feel of both their customer-facing knowledge base as well as their internal knowledge base to that of their brand.

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It is great to have CRM functionality inside your customer service platform because it helps maintain great customer experiences by storing all past customer engagements and conversation histories. This method helps offer more personalized support as well as get faster response and resolution times. Zendesk wins the major category of help desk and ticketing system software.

What is the difference between Intercom and Zendesk?

Zendesk for Service, a customer service solution, provides unified customer-facing communication channels, self-service, collaboration, customer routing, and analytics–all organized in one dashboard. Zendesk’s dashboard ties together your customer interactions from every possible channel. This makes it easy for agents to manage requests and communicate with customers more efficiently. They also offer features that enhance collaboration amongst employees if you have a bigger team. Intercom, of course, allows its customer support team to collaborate and communicate too, but overall, Zendesk wins this group. A customer service department is only as good as its support team members, and these highly-prized employees need to rely on one another.

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With Zoho Desk, you can reduce response times and provide better customer support with features like automated ticketing, knowledge base management, self-service portals, and more. Chatfuel is a customer communication platform (CCM solutions)  that offers live chat and messenger integrations. It also has features such as AI powered chatbots and pre-set answers and questions which are not available in other alternatives to Intercom. Drift is a customer communication platform (CCM solutions) that offers live chat, email, and messenger integrations. It also has a number of powerful features such as lead capture, automatic triggers, and conversation routing and can be counted as one of the alternatives to Intercom. Businesses can’t afford to waste their time and money on live chat platforms that don’t function as they want.

Zendesk’s Explore offers exceptional reporting features, but Intercom should still be adequate for most users

On the other hand, Intercom is more focused on conversational customer support, and has more help desk features suited for live chat and messaging. Experience firsthand how our software can transform your customer support strategy and drive overall business success. Groove is an all-in-one customer service platform that helps teams provide personalized and efficient customer service. It’s the perfect solution for small businesses, as it offers an affordable pricing plan and doesn’t require any technical setup or coding. With Groove, you can easily manage multiple channels such as email, live chat, and social media in one central hub.

intercom blog vs zendesk

Help Scout offers teams functionality on our Plus plan, and we also offer additional collaborative features like collision detection and the light user role. Intercom is better designed for smaller companies and teams, while Zendesk is suitable for large companies to skyrocket customer support. In addition, Intercom offers omnichannel inbox, robust reporting, and automated workflows. One study found that 67% of customers prefer calling an agent to help solve their query. Some help desk software provides call center tools as one of customer communication channels.

HubSpot vs Intercom – Determining the champion of customer engagement

If you don’t plan on building a huge enterprise just yet, we have to give the edge to Zendesk when it comes to flexible pricing options. But Intercom’s friendliness for growing companies is something you can’t afford to ignore. If your business is established and you need to cut down on those ticket resolution times, Zendesk may be worth it. In 2023, conversational messaging will play an essential role in customer service.

intercom blog vs zendesk

Here, Zendesk drills the fact that your customer support could use a facelift by comparing your CSAT scores with the CSAT scores of your competitors. With 160,000 customers it’s no surprise that 2200 (or 68,7%) out of 3200 Zendesk employees are salespeople and account executives. Jetdocs is a collaborative ticketing solution that is integrated into Microsoft Teams and Slack. We empower your teams to create no-code workflows that standardize your processes and connect your teams. Best for teams looking for quick solutions who don’t want to pay for add-ons such as KnowledgeBase, Live Chats, etc. Drift’s Driftbot is an intelligent sales assistant that serves up content, answers questions, and automatically assigns conversations to the right person.

Intercom details

Intercom gives you the ability to see who your customers are and what they do in your web and mobile apps in real time. Help Scout also offers weekly live classes where folks can ask the team questions in real time. For those who prefer self-service, Help Scout has an extensive Docs site and a blog full of helpful tips and posts to help get you started. While Intercom boasts a larger number of integrations, both solutions can connect with major CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot as well as with ecommerce sites like Shopify. You can set up additional integrations using tools like Zapier as well. Intercom doesn’t include real-time reporting with its Starter plan, so some users may click on “Dashboard” and think they have to upgrade to view the standard set of reports.


You can see their attention to detail in everything — from their tools to their website. Honestly, when it comes to Zendesk, it is not the most modern tool out there. You can try any plan free for 15 days and get the look and feel of the tool before making any commitments. Considering its affordable pricing, ProProfs can be a great option for small to medium-scale businesses. ProProfs Help Desk is known in the market for its honest, and simple pricing. Just a quick glance at the pricing plans and you can easily calculate how much your team will spend upfront as there are no hidden costs.

Zendesk Inbox Pricing

According to some reviews, Zendesk makes you wait long before their support team gets back to you. It is frustrating for customers who need immediate support; hence why they often seek other Zendesk competitors. metadialog.com Both Freshdesk and Zendesk offer hundreds of integrations to add the flexibility and convenience businesses need to succeed. The chat enables you to send targeted, behavior based Zendesk messages to customers.

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  • With Gist, you can provide the kind of exceptional customer service that will keep them coming back for more.
  • This can be inconvenient if you’re having an issue with a customer and need to talk about it right away — especially if you want to call them and cobrowse with them in your app.
  • Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Zendesk and Intercom’s pricing tiers.
  • In this guide, we’ll explore the top Intercom alternatives that will not only save you time but also keep your budget intact.
  • With HubSpot Service Hub, you can also customize the look and feel of your customer support page to match your brand for a professional touch.

As did the owner of MailShake, VoilaNorbert, and Rightinbox who shared it… and hired me as his lead content strategist immediately after. In this post, I’m going to show you exactly how Zendesk grew from $0 to $1030 million ARR and how you can use the same marketing principles in your own SaaS business. Below you will find the most commonly asked questions and answers about Zendesk alternatives. In addition to helping brands build out profiles, Drift Intel arms businesses with demographic information that can then be used to route incoming leads to the best rep for the job. Zendesk boosted their engagement from a rate to 15K by posting candid pictures with Zendesk’s team members’ babies during a “Bring Your Kid to Work Day”. More than 32 shares, over 30 comments with “Sweet”; “Nice” and more than 300 “Love” reactions to the album.

Zendesk Inbox Features

So in that spirit, we’ll start the post with some straightforward advice on the type of team and use case that will work best with each platform. With the Fullview integration, you could take your Intercom from good to great with cobrowsing, session replays and console logs for 360-degree support. Intercom and Zendesk are neck to neck in reviews from various sites such as G2, Capterra, Financesonline, and more.

What is the advantage of Intercom?

As it is a two-way communication device, intercoms also allow the visitor to answer back to you. This way, any dangerous incident of forced entry can be avoided.

Does Intercom have ticketing?

Tickets are fully integrated into the Intercom support solution. Tickets work in Inbox automation rules to route to the right team, update ticket states, and more. Inbox views can be set up for any team to monitor and manage their tickets.

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